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"Don’t ever lose hopes in pursuing your Dreams, there is only a creature that can stop you, and that creature is you ..."

- Peter O’Connor, “ Wings over the Ocean"

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I'm a kitesurfer, environmental engineer and chess player. 

Many years ago, I moved  to Cabras, Sardinia, with an overloaded car and very little money in my pockets, all in order to live close to the beauty of the Peninsula of Sinis. 

My passion for the sea pushed me to leave everything else behind me and start living the way I always dreamt of  in a place where the wind, the waves, the weather, the perfumes and colours seem to run in your veins.  

My work as an engineer and my life as a surfer share the same common passion to enhance the value of the territory where I live, the Sinis and strengthen the feasibility of sustainable development, in other words the economic and social development based on the respect for nature.

I try to push my limits in kitesurfing and SUP everytime it is possible as well as take part to national and international competitions.

Best results

#3 Prince of Speed, France 2019

#2 CKI ITA wave contest, Sicily 2019

#5 IKA Kitespeed World Championship, Oman 2018

#1 Circumnavigation of Sardinia, KAS 2017

#3 CKI ITA wave final, Sardinia 2015

#1 CKI ITA Puzziteddu wave contest, Sicily 2015

#9 KSP World Tour Pro, Hawaii 2013

#1 Capo Mannu Wave Master, Sardinia 2009



Fun and pushing your limits to new adventures is the vital lymph for your passion.

That is why I always try to design and make new challenges.


Faster than the wind

SPEED workouts continue: kitesurfing average and max speed on 500m. The goal is to take part at the World Championships, beat the Italian record and compete with the fastest sailing raiders on the globe.

At the moment, I'm riding at around 45 knots and I'm still waiting for the best wind conditions in the right direction. (W - WNW).

Kitefoiling Around Sardinia 2017

The first circumnavigation of Sardinia on a kiteboard with hydrofoil; 500 nautical miles. From 09th to 18th June 2017, departure and arrival to Cagliari.

Luca Marcis and Enrico Giordano went through this great challenge. An incredible experience, full of pitfalls, difficult moments and strong emotions, told in detail on the official web site: https://www.kitearoundsardinia.com/